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Concorde The Fleet

The Fleet

All 20 Concordes


Concorde Flight Simulator
Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) or 2004 (FS2004)

Expansion software to add Concorde to Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Includes all 20 Concordes: 10 French and 10 British
A variety of liveries documenting the history of Concorde
includes British Airways, Air France, BOAC and Aťrospatiale.

This add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X brings the legendary Concorde to your desktop. This is a fully featured add-on that includes many advanced textures and features such as a full Virtual Cockpit, 3D animations on exterior model, effects including smoke and afterburner and much more. The model is based on the FS France model that was popular in FS2004, but has now been modified and upgraded to be fully functional in FSX too. Five paint jobs are included with this package. Includes fully animated nose visor, gear, afterburner and smoke effects, VC (virtual cockpit) and much more. Model by the team at FS France. This aircraft was one of the most legendary aircraft on the planet until its demise after many technical faults. You can still fly this beautiful aircraft in the virtual world. The Concorde first took to the skies in the 60s and became an iconic airliner for the rich and the famous. It was was ahead of its time; flying at supersonic speeds, this was the first passenger aircraft of its kind. The first passenger flights began in 1976 and completed 27 years of service until it was taken out of the skies and retired in 2003 after a series of incidents and crashes that caused concern. It was too expensive to keep such old technology in the skies, and while it was advanced at the time of manufacture, everything was still mechanical and not computerized and upgrading the whole aircraft fleet would have been to expensive for the operators. As one of the most prominent aircraft of all time itís no surprise that the Concorde has been covered time and time again in flight simulation Ė my only concern is that itís never quite been done properly. Itís such a unique piece of aviation history that itís obviously a tough one to pull off properly, but having always wanted to try out the Concorde in all of its glory (I never got to fly on one in real life) this looks like it might be the best option out there for the simulation community. The Concorde In case you donít know, the Concorde was first brought to light in the 1960s and became the airliner of the super powerful. It was way ahead of anything of its time Ė and frankly still makes a lot of modern aircraft look fairly puny Ė the only thing that held the Concorde back was the fact that it was totally mechanical, rather than computerized. When aircraft started to move into the more technical world, the Concorde was left behind. Itís abrupt end matched with the fact that it could still do a job today means that it holds a very special place in the heartsí of aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Made For Realism Because it was built around the latest simulation product we all love to use, FSX, the actual quality of the graphics and the features is far more impressive than other iterations Iíve had the ďpleasureĒ of using in the past. This re-creation, though, gives you all of those key features that you simply need to get the full experience. One of the first things I noticed upon installation and actually firing it up in FSX was just how much attention to detail was being paid to the small features. Whilst all of the main graphical features such as the shape and style have been recreated to pretty amazing accuracy, the smaller details really blew me away. When you first hop in, make sure you take a look around the cockpit and then compare it to the real-life thing with images Ė the similarities are scary! Additionally, the aircraft itself flies just as it should. If you are looking for booming power that will leave you absolutely staggered, then this is the perfect addition to your FSX hanger. Itís got quality in abundance throughout the design and stays true to the actual aircraft in both performance and looks Ė what more could you want? The Perfect Addition Since itís an FSX download, too, it has all of those nifty little additions we love to see. Things like afterburner effects, excess smoke burling out the back and those tiny little animations that you see working around you in the cockpit. All of this comes together and makes a genuinely stunning backdrop for one of the most exciting pieces of hardware that has ever been released. Power, speed, realism Ė itís got all of the hallmarks of the perfect addition to anyone who uses FSX on a regular basis, giving you a whole new experience. The long-awaited new product from Flight Sim Labs, has been released and is now available for electronic purchase and immediate download! Offering the *easiest-to-fly* but also *most complete* Concorde aircraft simulation ever to be produced for a desktop flight simulator, the Concorde-X has arrived to set new standards with its amazingly accurate systems, stunning photo-realistic graphics, vigorously detailed external model and virtual cockpit, and a fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience! Look at the Features for a summary of what the all-new Concorde-X has to offer. Click the thumbnails on the left to view the Concorde-X screenshots we have prepared for you and donít forget to take a look on the detailed description section below for a more detailed look into how Flight Sim Labs managed to break the FSX barrier and produce the best aircraft addon yet to reach your PC!

Concorde Flight Simulator Concorde Flight Simulator
Aťrospatiale Air France
Concorde Flight Simulator Concorde Flight Simulator
British Airways Air France Pepsi
Concorde Flight Simulator Concorde Flight Simulator
British Airways British Airways
Concorde Flight Simulator Concorde Flight Simulator
Air France British Aerospace
Concorde Flight Simulator Concorde Flight Simulator
Flight Deck Tail Detail